Three Reasons Logic Is The Best Rapper In The Game (And How He Succeeded Over The Competition)

As a DJ, I’m used to it.

After spending years behind the turntables, I have gotten my fair share of disappointed looks from patrons when a song doesn’t fit their particular taste. I’m used to it at this point and rarely does it ever concern me.

Yet, this time it did.

The song was 1-800-273-8255 by Logic. It’s been streamed over 500 million times and led to Logic’s first Grammy nomination. It’s driving a serious connection to millennials and younger generations and talks about a message few songs ever dare to touch. From a DJ’s stand point, I am proud to have the honor of placing such a strong message through the speakers.

As a fan of the song, I sought out to understand its roots. Who was the person who turned hip hop into such an emotionally evoking message?

The first episode of Rapture, a Netflix documentary series, talks to Logic about his definition of artistry and the world-wide effect he has attempted, and succeeded, at having. As a seasoned musician and an artist who seems to have risen to fame overnight, his story intrigued me.

What is Logic doing that aspiring Hip hop artists aren’t?

This is what I learned.

He treats the janitor just as he treats the CEO.

I live by and preach this mentality and can attribute my success and Logic’s to this mindset. Success, as personally defined as my level of happiness, is reached when I am being the best version of myself. This version is the one who treats everyone equally, from the janitor to the CEO. If you aren’t treating those lower than you at the same respect you treat those higher, you need to start all over. Logic’s mentality dissipates social status and creates a transparent connection from one human to another. It shows something within him that struggling artists might not have, kindness. Kindness always trumps a better-than-you attitude. Every single time.

He doesn’t fear commitment.

In a generation afraid of commitment, Logic has chosen to rise above fear and share his immense success with a lifelong partner. If not for his maturity, this shows his strength in going for what he wants, despite it not being mainstream. His commitment to a spouse, his career and creating a balance between the two is impressive and proof that he’s not in this for the fame. He’s in it for the purpose.

He is unapologetically focused.

At this point in the interview, I felt awe struck by Logic’s commitment to choosing kindness and his commitment to his passions. Then he cried. His tears were sparked from talking about his Grammy nomination. As he sat back, he explained that this was the first time he had actually thought about having been nominated for a Grammy. His focus had so strongly been on continuing his momentum and pushing his career further, that he hadn’t gotten a chance to look at how far he had come. Until now.

What I learned in those 60 minutes far surpassed Logic’s personal story. The main lesson I walked away with was the power of passion. In my career, I’ve always sought out passion and purpose with priority and intention. To see others doing the same and creating success leaves me speechless.

In a world where people feel safest in corporate jobs with set PTO hours and health care plans, these are the people who are going to make a difference.

It’s Logic, myself and all those willing to bet on their passions with regard to kindness, commitment and focus that will find success.

I have built a career that I am passionate about.

Logic has established the life of his dreams.

And you can too.

Those who can build a foundation of real, true and genuine passion are going to be successful.


Because passion beats talent every time.

Just look at Logic.

Author: Kice Akkawi at Treblemonsters

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